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There is no such thing as chance, there are only rendez-vous 

There is no such thing as chance, there are only rendez-vous 

My grandmother always said, "There is no such thing as chance, there are only rendez-vous » Of course this sentence is by Paul Eluard, but I attribute it to my grandmother. If you want to know why, I will have to tell you a story that starts off badly enough, but ends well, I promise you.


On a cold winter's day, a little boy with brown hair and blue eyes is born. He lands in a very dark ambiance, worthy of "Shining", « sybil", "one flew over the cuckoo's nest", "El Bola", or "Carrie". At the mercy of two parents who could have inspired the worst roles in these films, when he could have sunk, his survival instinct - or his lucky star - will guide him.

Do we lock him up for a few days?


Obeying the madness of his parents, he decides, little by little, to close in on himself, developing a very rich inner universe. We force him to keep quiet? He then totally stops talking. He has made up for it since.

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At the age of 8, this little boy is placed with his paternal grandmother. He discovers the first loving person in his life, a real sunshine. The atmosphere is colored and changes radically. It is in his 9 m² caretaker's lodge, with all the amenities outside the building, that he will live his best years.

Faced with the silence of a child who never speaks, the gentle woman tamed him, then one day asked him timidly, what he wanted to do in life. "I want to sell happiness," the child replies. The lady follows her intuition, runs to the church choir and gets an appointment with the director.


The next day, she comes back with the boy and waits for him at the reception desk. The tiny boy opens the first door in front of him in this big corridor and answers with candour to the questions he is asked. speaking “Without filter” is something he knows all too well... That same evening, the phone rings. We tell his grandmother that he is chosen to represent France and sing for peace at Bercy, that he has an appointment to take pictures at VSD...


The door the child had opened was not the choir director's, but that of a casting taking place at the same time next door. A simple door mistake opened all the doors for him...

Want to know more ?

Then let's go !

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Take the stage! After an eight-year silence, the boy now sings in front of 20,000 people, makes the TV news, tours the world, visits the Eiffel Tower in VIP mode, shakes many hands including the sweaty one of an old man named François Mitterrand. At the same time, he attends a school for children in show business, does the Maîtrise de Paris, the Conservatoire ... He works hard, every day. Every time he finds his grandmother, he gives her the gifts he gathers from hotels, it's much better than a home made necklace made of noodles.


It is to her that he tells his adventures, the publicity for Samsara with this nice lady Barbara Hendrix, the particular musty smell of the theatres smell of the theatres, the ping-pong games in the evening with other children while waiting for the entrance on stage at the Palais des Congrès, the chimpanzee with whom he shoots " Certains Leeb Show ", which he loves even if he stinks... He confides that he's a fan of live TV shows like " Sacrée soirée ", but also loves studio recordings with Loulou Gasté and Line Renaud. 


For the first time, he puts into words what he feels every time he creates, this light, this crazy love, this incredible bond he feels with the audience. A precious gift that he will keep in him for eternity.

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After six years of happiness, the scene suddenly changes when his father takes over. Forced return to scenes of violence, alcoholism, physical and psychological harassment... At the same time, the teenager secretly takes acting and film classes, and shoots sitcoms to save money.


When he turns 17, he leaves home in the middle of the night. That night he runs away in every sense of the word. He lives on the street where he encounters the physical and sexual violence of life on the street ,but he shoots, he's happy, he's free. He'll never let go of that wonderful taste of freedom again.

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IMG_2779 4.HEIC

Thanks to his hard work in advertising, the young man rents his first apartment.


Throwing himself wholeheartedly into filming, he works hard, does thousands of castings, learns thousands of texts, shoots hundreds of commercials, hundreds of episodes of TV series, TV movies where he expresses all his emotions, his secrets and his wounds through his roles.

he finds the families he’s searching for in tv ,such as "Julie Lescaut" for seven years (who vigorously defends the innocent), "Commissaire Moulin" (another defender), "Sous le soleil" for a year (where life slips and bounces, there are bad guys and good guys, that's Candy's life), "Un homme en colère" (where he plays a violent and sadistic teenager), "Madame le Proviseur" (where he plays a teenager facing inclusivity), "Le lycée" (where for two years he plays a young man facing rapes and life in the street, no coincidence), the family of summer sagas with "Le Grand Batre" (a complicated family), Méditerranée (where he plays a rapist), "Le Bal des célibataires" (where he plays a disfigured war wounded man convinced that he no longer has the right to love)...


Each action clap gives the start of real moments, authentic sharing dedicated to the audience. And the audience in return fills him with love from the very first TV appearance.

Want some more ?

You will be served !

One morning, he has two castings at the same time and decides to go to the TV Film one.


In front of the camera he realizes that the text has nothing to do with the one he learned, that it is in fact a casting to present a show. He improvises - a good thing he stopped keeping his mouth shut - and becomes the host of KD2A on France 2 for a few years.


He then began to share his joy, his laughter, his love of life and his job. There is no more role, it's Him just Him.

At the time, the program's host chose to broadcast MONTHLY IN-DEPTH REPORTS TO RAISE  AWARENESS between two series, to put on air monthly more serious reports that raised awareness /among young audiences about incest, pedophilia, abuse, disability, children's rights... At that time, our host did not yet have the strength to be associated with these causes personally and publicly. Full of admiration for those who give testimony testify, he is content to interview them without being too empathetic.


He nevertheless decides to go further in this fight, gets involved in associations, presents the Telethon, Sidaction, participates several times in Fort Boyard for "Le Fleuron", a humanitarian association of social mutual aid that helps the homeless, abused children and carriers of Moebius syndrome, all this without ever mentioning his personal case.


He continues to perform in the theatre, always with the same desire to BE THE MESSAGE BEARER , to share, to offer laughter to the public. Besides, FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE, his great sensibility often makes him laugh out loud, to the great joy of his partners as in the plays "Hibernatus", "Un fil à la patte", "Trois jeunes filles nues", "Les amoureux", "Infinie" ...

unnamed (1).jpg

Then comes a dark year during which he loses his grandmother, his best friend, leaves and experiences a serious health problem.


He tries to withdraw while continuing to act, his visceral passion.


Dubbing seemed to be a good compromise for him to work at his own pace while catching his breath. But the shadows do not want him. Thanks to his involvement in each character, the young man quickly makes a name for himself.


He dubs hundreds - thousands - of foreign actors in big films and series. His voice becomes one of the best known of his generation.

Then he realizes that it's all moving too fast and he's in denial. He feels an urgent need to clear his head and rebuild. This quest will lead him first to London and the United States, where he thought he could keep silent. Instead, however, he is once again offered a return to the light with filming opportunities.


This same quest, will continue far away, from journey to the end of the world to meditative journey, from decisive encounter to spiritual discovery... Didn't Charlie Chaplin say that "From chaos are born the stars"? Far from everything he knows, in total rupture with his universe, our hero will finally find himself, heal and grow.

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The young man who has become an adult becomes aware of certain things. That the acts suffered in this original horror movie set do not define him, but his aggressors. That living these dramas in childhood was a terrible ordeal that he might not have survived, but that managing to overcome all these patterns of suffering has given him an unsuspected strength.


Professionally, that all these traumas allowed him to know how to transcribe on screen the emotions he went through, to create and embody roles that were just waiting for him, propelling his career. And above all, even if he is just discovering it, that having gone through this experience allows him to hear everything, to read between the lines, to listen to and understand others, to know how to support them with empathy, humour and determination.


This man is now done with secrets. Convinced that his path in life can help others, he no longer fears the light. You are reading his first bio (without make-up or lighting). He is also preparing his show, in which he will try to show the other side of the set of famous people's itineraries. There is also a play in the works...


Of course, you have understood, this little boy, this man is me. I think the time has come for me to reconcile them in the eyes of all, mine first, and to be proud to speak in the first person.


I am Yoann Sover

I was saved by my connection with the audience.

When you have survived the worst, how can you offer something other than the best? When life's hazards give you a heartbeat to guide you on your way, how can you not feel lucky?

You understand better now, why I know that there are no chances but ONLY rendez-vous. You'll soon find yourself with the joy of a child looking at the stars and thanking them.

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